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  • Where can I play Dungeons of Eternity?
    Currently, Dungeons of Eternity will be available for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3. We do not have a set date for other platforms.
  • How much does Dungeons of Eternity cost?
    $29.99 USD
  • Where can I find more Dungeons of Eternity media/information?
    We always release the latest news through all our socials and communication channels, Discord too!
  • How many people can play Dungeons of Eternity?
    You can play solo, or for more coop fun - with up to two other players.
  • Are there character classes?
    Our approach is to give everyone the most freedom possible, so we opted for a loadout system where you can adapt your character to your playstyle!
  • Is there PVP play?
    Not currently, but it might be something we add in the future!
  • What can we expect from your weapons?
    In Dungeons of Eternity, you can find melee, ranged, and magic types of weapons to fit everyone's playstyle. The weapons - visually and capability-wise - are all randomly generated.
  • Does Dungeons of Eternity have a crafting system?
    Yes. In the dungeons, you will find weapon modules (blueprints) that you can collect and craft into a usable weapon!
  • Can I transfer my Quest 2 data on Quest 3?
    Yes! You only need to connect your device and your saves will be transferred automatically. You must use the same Meta login information you used for Quest 2 to work.
  • What are the weapons rarity tiers that I can find?
    Common → Unique → Rare → Legendary
  • How can I join my friend's lobby?
    Check out our video guide here:
  • I received a firewall warning in game or I’m having trouble connecting to voice chat?
    Not connecting to the authentication servers in the main menu: The following domains and ports must be accessible: Also, you'll need to allow outbound connections to port 443 (TCP), 3478 (TCP) and/or the 50000-59999 range (UDP). For voice chat not connecting: If you can hear people, but they can’t hear you: Make sure your Oculus Quest mic is not muted Make sure you have allowed microphone permissions Click ‘Repair Voice Chat’ in the Settings > Sound menu (will also verify permissions) If you can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear you, it could be a WiFi firewall problem
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