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  • How do I play with friends or family?
    The easiest way to play with friends is to use a Private Room Code. Follow these steps: Start Dungeons of Eternity Click on the menu item Multiplayer > With Friends > Private Room Code Come up with a unique room code and share it with your friends. Each player should type in the same room code, click 'Join Room' and you will be joined together This method works best for playing with secondary accounts and/or child accounts if they don't show up in your Friends list. For the other methods to play with friends, check out our video guide here:
  • Problems with Voice Chat
    If you can hear people, but they can’t hear you: If you are in a Quest party chat, other players not in the party will not be able to hear you. Make sure your Oculus Quest mic is not muted. This can happen if you take your headset off. Make sure you have allowed microphone permissions Click ‘Repair Voice Chat’ in the Settings > Sound menu (will also verify permissions) If you can’t hear anyone and they can’t hear you, or you get a voice chat connection message: The primary cause of this is your Quest's time zone settings. Please see this guide for checking the time zone settings Restrictive WiFi router firewall settings may prevent the game from connecting to the voice chat servers. Please see this guide which details the ports and IP addresses are required for voice chat to work.
  • Issues saving to the cloud or connecting to servers
    WiFi Router firewall restrictions can sometimes cause problems saving your game's progress to the cloud or communicating with the Meta platform servers. Additionally, parental restrictions on some routers can prevent connecting to the Meta platform servers because they go to addresses. Please see the information below as a general guide as to what servers the game needs to reach via WiFi. Not connecting to the authentication servers in the main menu: The following domains and ports must be accessible: Also, you'll need to allow outbound connections to port 443 (TCP), 3478 (TCP) and/or the 50000-59999 range (UDP). For voice chat not connecting: Please see the FAQ for 'Problems with Voice Chat'
  • My Bluetooth headset isn't working or cuts off as soon as I enter the Outpost
    Bluetooth headsets are supported, but the permissions for them may not be enabled. Follow these steps to enable it: 1. First quit out of Dungeons of Eternity. 2. Then go to the Quest settings menu and select Apps > Installed Apps > Dungeons of Eternity 3. Enable the option Nearby Devices / Connect to paired Bluetooth Devices 4. Restart Dungeons of Eternity
  • The game runs slow or looks very low resolution
    With the new Quest OS v60 update, Quest Battery Saver mode will make the game run at 72 fps resulting in non-optimal visuals, physics and player experience ( vs the game’s default 80 fps experience). Additionally, on the Quest 3, Battery Saver mode disables Enhanced Visuals. We recommend turning off Battery Saver mode if possible.
  • How can I report a bug or make a suggestion?
    The best way to report a bug or make a suggestion is to join our Discord server. The invite link is here Many folks on Discord may be able to answer any questions you have quickly, and we usually make announcements there first. If that doesn't work for you, we try to answer every question sent to us via email (Contact Us) or through social media.
  • Where can I play Dungeons of Eternity?
    Currently, Dungeons of Eternity will be available for Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3. We do not have a set date for other platforms.
  • How much does Dungeons of Eternity cost?
    $29.99 USD
  • Where can I find more Dungeons of Eternity media/information?
    We always release the latest news through all our socials and communication channels, Discord too!
  • How many people can play Dungeons of Eternity?
    You can play solo, or for more coop fun - with up to two other players.
  • Are there character classes?
    Our approach is to give everyone the most freedom possible, so we opted for a loadout system where you can adapt your character to your playstyle!
  • Is there PVP play?
    Not currently, but it might be something we add in the future!
  • What can we expect from your weapons?
    In Dungeons of Eternity, you can find melee, ranged, and magic types of weapons to fit everyone's playstyle. The weapons - visually and capability-wise - are all randomly generated.
  • Does Dungeons of Eternity have a crafting system?
    Yes. In the dungeons, you will find weapon modules (blueprints) that you can collect and craft into a usable weapon!
  • Can I transfer my Quest 2 data on Quest 3?
    Yes! You only need to connect your device and your saves will be transferred automatically. You must use the same Meta login information you used for Quest 2 to work.
  • What are the weapons rarity tiers that I can find?
    Common → Unique → Rare → Legendary
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